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Toronto Design Offsite Festival Opens This Week!

This week the Toronto Design Offsite Festival commences, and so does the Outside the Box Exhibition that will be featuring a collection I curated for the Center for Architecture and Design (the Center) from all the talent we have here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This year's theme was "material," and to be limited to only four designers made this such a challenge. I think if they continued with lat year's number of eight it would've been a bit easier. 
 Check out the Center's recent blog post on this collection. If by chance you're in Toronto, or in Canada, check out the collection in person at...
Artport Gallery Harbourfront Centre 235 Queens Quay West Toronto, Ontario Canada
This Outside the Box (OTB) collection will then be featured in New York City, in May, at WantedDesign in Manhattan May 19-22 and Brooklyn May 17-21. Between owning some of these pieces myself and knowing the designers, there's a story for each.

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