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Fast Forward >> Philly: Studio for the Non-Designer

  As we wait for post-production on the Fast Forward >> Philly presentation from DesignPhiladelphia 2020, the presentation will be moved to a different format to preview as a book without audio. Wondering if we should consider an e-newsletter platform to share progress on the project...? Edited, December 1, 2020 : Did you miss out on the October 13th presentation? Check out the recording of the presentation, here from Fast Forward >> Philly's YouTube channel. What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia? A Studio for the Non-Designer  Design surrounds us, every day. On a rainy day, the umbrella we grab on our way out. The door we walk out of every day. The space that protects us from the elements. Even The paperclip or the stapler we use to hold papers. Most people don’t know that there are stories behind it, the design team that solved a problem to make life a bit easier, and maybe a bit more pleasant. Design can make a change, it just needs to reach the masses in a person

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